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Losing fat – the health benefits

Obesity, and the health problems associates with it, is an increasing problem worldwide. According the The Harvard School of Public Health, obesity affects countries at all economic levels.

Obesity is on the increase worldwide

Across the world the world the rate of obesity has almost doubled in the last thirty years, with around half a billion men and women who are obese. Obesity is a clinically defined condition, and below this is an even bigger number of people who are overweight.

The most worrying aspect of the rise in obesity is the rate of obesity in children, with a 60% increase in childhood obesity since 1990. Conditions like type 2 diabetes that once only affected adults are now becoming more common in children as a result.

Losing excess fat will improve your health

Woman jumping on beachAs everyone knows, prevention is better than cure, and avoiding becoming overweight or obese in the first place is the best option. However, for those of us who could do with losing a few pounds (or more), we aim here to provide some ideas on how to lose excess fat by dieting and doing more exercise.

We’re not meant to be fat

Saying that losing excess fat will improve your health is a bold statement, but based on the available evidence we believe it is true. Humans aren’t designed to sit on the couch watching TV as they wait for the pizza to be delivered.

We’re supposed to be running around looking for food and burning off calories and the products of stress, and without this our modern way of life is making us ill and shortening our lives.

You could start by looking at some of the health problems linked to being overweight or obese, and then look at ways you might achieve your own fat loss goals using our information on diet and exercise.

Not medical advice – check with your doctor

We are not qualified to provide medical advice, so check with your doctor before trying any of the dietary or exercise ideas presented here.