Speed up your metabolism to burn fat

woman dancingYour body’s metabolism, and more specifically your metabolic rate, seems to be one of the key factors in whether you are overweight or not. It can also help or hinder your attempts to lose weight.

What is metabolic rate?

Metabolism involves all the biochemical reactions going in your body, keeping you alive and functioning normally. These chemical reactions use energy, and your metabolic rate is the speed at which those reactions are taking place.

The minimum amount of energy for these biochemical reactions to take place is called the Basal metabolic rate (BMR). [Read more…]

Hypnosis for weight loss

Brain imageYour mind can be your biggest asset, or your biggest problem when you are trying to achieve something.

Your mind can provide you with supportive thoughts or it can create doubts that stop you in your tracks.

Trying to achieve loss of excess weight is no exception to this. This is where hypnosis for weight loss might help. [Read more…]

Positive thinking for weight-loss

success - no doubtIt’s very difficult to achieve anything if you don’t think about it positively. And this includes achieving your ideal healthy weight.

When you think about losing weight it’s very easy to think positively about how you will look and feel once the weight is lost.

The problems can come when you need to eat less and exercise more, and stick with this until your weight-loss goals have been achieved.

Here are three suggestions to help you develop positive thinking for weight-loss and help you power through to your ideal weight. You can include these as part of your weight-loss program planning. [Read more…]

How to lose weight with a busy lifestyle – smoothies!

Girl with fruit in blenderEvery second of the day between the time you wake up and the time you go to sleep is taken up by your busy lifestyle!

You never have time to buy, prepare and eat the foods that will help you to lose weight.

Does that sound familiar? Does it apply to your life? Are you finding it hard to lose weight with a busy lifestyle? If so, read on…

Having a busy lifestyle can make it difficult to lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight if that’s your aim.

You need a quick and easy way to make meals that will help you lose weight. [Read more…]

Weight-loss success needs planning

Fail to plan, Plan to fail

Planning for weight-lossYou will have heard the old saying that if you fail to plan you plan to fail. This is as true of a weight-loss program as for anything else.

Almost everyone who tries to lose weight has probably heard the saying too. So why do so many people start trying to lose weight without a clear plan? [Read more…]

I Can Make You Thin by Paul McKenna

A system to help you lose weight permanently

Paul McKenna’s book and CD package, “I can make you thin”, is described as a revolutionary new way to stop overeating, control cravings, and feel totally motivated to take exercise.

The book outlines Paul McKenna’s breakthrough weight-loss system that re-patterns you thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about yourself, your health, and your food to help you easily take control of your diet and lose weight permanently. [Read more…]

Lose fat, be healthy – why?

Losing excess fat leads to better health

Woman on scalesBeing overweight or obese can lead to all sorts of health problems. If you lose the excess fat your weight will drop and your risk of other health problems will fall too.

So, why lose excess body fat? Read on…

Health problems caused by excess body fat

Here is a list of some health problems linked with being overweight to demonstrate why it is important to lose this excess fat.

Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease includes health problems such as angina, heart attacks and strokes. [Read more…]

How you can lose thigh fat and cellulite

Fat build up on the thighs isn’t as bad for your health as fat around your waist. But for many people, especially women it is uncomfortable and a source of embarrassment. The thigh fat that causes many women to despair is cellulite, and this is how people often refer to thigh fat.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by fat under the skin that comes up against other types of tissue under the skin, which causes skin dimpling. Cellulite occurs mostly on the thighs, hips, bottom and sometimes the stomach, and occurs in most women. Cellulite isn’t caused by excess thigh fat, as many women who are very thin have it on their thighs. [Read more…]

How to lose face fat

Even if you are not overweight or obese your face could still look fat. It’s often said that your face is the last place you lose fat from, so dealing with face fat can be challenging. Trying to lose fat from the face by excessive dieting can lead to sunken eyes and a wrinkled appearance, which is not what you want.

Sometimes the cause of a chubby face or double-chinned appearance isn’t actually facial fat. It could be bloating caused by excessive water in the facial tissue, or facial muscles that aren’t toned. The “Face Fitness Formula” has more information on diet and exercises for a slimmer face. [Read more…]

How to lose belly fat fast

Lose belly fat fastBefore we look at how to lose belly fat fast, we should look at why you should lose belly fat.

We’ll see that this is important for your health, and not just for the way you look.

Being overweight or obese creates real risks to your health.

Excess body fat is linked to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and even cancer. So the more body fat you have, and the more overweight or obese you are, the higher your risk of health problems.

As we will see, the amount of belly fat you have is a good indicator of your health risk. So losing belly fat, which you can monitor as your trousers get looser, is important for your health. [Read more…]