How to lose arm fat

Just like the other areas of body fat, if you are overweight or obese then fat accumulates on the arms, and in particular the upper arms. As you get older the skin in the upper arms becomes looser and less elastic, so this excess arm fat begins to hang down a little. In the UK this is know as “bingo wings”, which isn’t very nice, supposedly due to the number of women playing bingo who have this type of arm fat.

We can hide belly fat or thigh fat with our clothes. Loose fitting tops and trousers effectively hide the fat. Even shorts that come down towards the knee can hide thigh fat effectively. The problem with arm fat is that a lot of the tops we want to wear have short sleeves. This means the fat on our upper arms is on display, which can be embarrassing.

Arm fat measurement for body fat percentage

If you have ever joined a gym and they offer you an induction, part of this is often an estimate of your body fat percentage. This can be quite useful, since your body fat percentage should fall once you start exercising.

To calculate your body fat percentage they use calipers to measure your skin folds on various parts of your body. The thicker the skin fold, the more body fat you have. They measure the skin folds on your belly, your back and two places on your upper arm – the front and back. This shows how good arm fat is as an indicator of total body fat.

Lose body fat and you lose arm fat

Losing body fat overall will reduce the amount of fat build up on the upper arms. The key to losing body fat is to eat less and exercise more. That is, take in fewer calories and use more of the ones we eat or have already stored as body fat. You can find out more about how to do this at “Customized Fat Loss”.

It might appear that doing press-ups will exercise the arm muscles and burn arm fat, but overall body exercise will enable us to do more exercise burn the calories faster. So walking, jogging, using the stairs instead of the elevator are all useful for getting rid of arm fat.

Doing arm exercises, like press-ups or kettle-bells as part of this exercise programme is important though. Because this will tone up the arm muscles, and once the fat starts to be lost it will make the arms look better. Even if the skin continues to be a little slack after the fat is lost the toning and shaping of the arm muscles will improve the appearance. Skin creams can help to make the skin on the upper arms more supple, which will also improve the look your arms once you start to lose fat from them.