How to lose face fat

Even if you are not overweight or obese your face could still look fat. It’s often said that your face is the last place you lose fat from, so dealing with face fat can be challenging. Trying to lose fat from the face by excessive dieting can lead to sunken eyes and a wrinkled appearance, which is not what you want.

Sometimes the cause of a chubby face or double-chinned appearance isn’t actually facial fat. It could be bloating caused by excessive water in the facial tissue, or facial muscles that aren’t toned. The “Face Fitness Formula” has more information on diet and exercises for a slimmer face.

Lose body fat and you lose face fat

If you are overweight then then that is likely to be the cause of the facial fat. As part of your weight loss programme you will lose general body fat, and face fat will be lost as part of that fat loss process. You will notice that your face starts to look thinner and your cheek and jaw bones start to acquire more definition. Almost everyone looks better with less facial fat, so this will be a welcome part of the results that come as you lose general body fat.

Once you lose enough fat to achieve a healthy body weight, you might think that the loss of fat from your face needs to go further. This is where you need to be careful for the reasons outlined above, as you don’t want to look ill with sunken eyes and a wrinkled face. This is where you need to look more closely at other factors that could be making your face bloated.

Facial bloating

Are you getting enough sleep for example? Lack of sleep can make your face look bloated. In the morning your face looks bloated because it accumulates water while you are asleep. As you go through the day this fluid is taken away and your face looks trimmer. Exercise can help to remove this fluid from the face, so this will help you to lose the bloated look too.

Tone-up facial muscles

Your facial muscles need a work out to keep them supple, which can make your face look trimmer. It is said that men have fewer problems with slack facial muscles because they use these muscles to pull their faces in all directions while shaving. Women should do this too. Grimacing, gurning, making an “O” shape with your lips, sticking the chin out, and anything else you can think of. Just like other parts of the body, such as arms, thighs and belly, when you lose fat from your face the effect is enhanced by toning the muscles too.