How you can lose thigh fat and cellulite

Fat build up on the thighs isn’t as bad for your health as fat around your waist. But for many people, especially women it is uncomfortable and a source of embarrassment. The thigh fat that causes many women to despair is cellulite, and this is how people often refer to thigh fat.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by fat under the skin that comes up against other types of tissue under the skin, which causes skin dimpling. Cellulite occurs mostly on the thighs, hips, bottom and sometimes the stomach, and occurs in most women. Cellulite isn’t caused by excess thigh fat, as many women who are very thin have it on their thighs.

Lose thigh fat without bulking up

There is balance to be found between losing fat from the thighs and not making the thigh muscles bigger. Most women aim for slender thighs. So exercises that increase the size of the thigh muscles, even with fat loss, is not desirable.

Any exercise to burn more calories for thigh fat loss should involve minimal resistance to reduce muscle build-up. That means not using weights when doing squats for example, because that can make your muscles bigger. When running you should ensure it is slower running for longer distance to slim thighs and reshape legs, rather than sprints, because sprints can build-up thigh muscles.

The information on losing body fat generally applies here, because losing fat from the thighs requires a reduction in calorie intake by controlling what you eat, and increasing calorie burning by doing more exercise. The thing that’s a little different about thigh fat is cellulite, and cellulite removal can be difficult. Check out Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix – Ultimate Package for diet and exercise tips to lose thigh fat fast.

How to get rid of cellulite

The thing a lot of women want to know about fat loss is how to get rid of cellulite. Women often don’t even refer to thigh fat, they just call it cellulite. The dimply or “orange peel” appearance can be distressing for women, especially in summer when they want to wear short skirts or a bathing suit.

Getting rid of cellulite can be challenging. In addition to a calorie controlled diet and general exercise, cellulite removal or reduction needs extra focus. There are cellulite creams that can improve the appearance of the skin, even when there is thigh fat present in the form of cellulite.

Drinking more water is said to help remove waste from the skin, which can improve the appearance of the thighs. Fat loss diets can be quite boring, so there are some great recipes to help you burn more fat at Metabolic Cooking. Also, green tea contains antioxidant chemicals, which helps to protect body cells from hyper-reactive chemicals called free-radicals.

Thigh, hip and bottom fat loss

So, losing fat from the thighs, hips and bottom can be less straightforward than losing fat from other parts of the body. The cellulite factor makes it a bit more challenging, and when you see pictures of super models and olympic athletes with cellulite you realise that all women are in it together.