Hypnosis for weight loss

Brain imageYour mind can be your biggest asset, or your biggest problem when you are trying to achieve something.

Your mind can provide you with supportive thoughts or it can create doubts that stop you in your tracks.

Trying to achieve loss of excess weight is no exception to this. This is where hypnosis for weight loss might help.

Getting out of your own way

Your mind helps provide the motivation for losing weight, can help you plan for weight loss, and let you monitor your progress towards your weight loss goals.

On the other hand, your mind might not actually believe that you can do it, might tell you it’s a waste of time, or might tell you it’s too hard.

Something else your mind does is hold mechanisms that make you crave the wrong types of food, so you start eating food that doesn’t support your weight loss plans.

Hypnosis can help you with all aspects of trying to lose weight, helping you visualise success, help you believe you can do it, and overcome cravings for foods that are high in fats of carbohydrates.

What is hypnosis?

The impression most people have of hypnosis involves people on stage or TV being hypnotised to eat an onion, while thinking it’s an apple, or doing something really embarrassing to roars of laugher from the crowd.

The processes involved in stage hypnosis are very similar to those used in therapeutic hypnosis. However, the aim is different – it’s to help you with something you are trying to do, rather than just providing entertainment.

All the hypnotist does is quietens down the conscious part of the mind so that the unconscious mind can be communicated with more easily. Another way to think of this is that your analytical left-brain is shut down a little bit so your more accepting right-brain can receive the positive information that will help you lose weight.

Without hypnosis you might find it difficult to believe that you will be able to lose excess fat to achieve your target weigh. This is because your conscious mind will analyse the information about your goals and decide it can’t be done.

Your critical, analytical conscious mind can get in the way

Planning to lose weight and setting goals for how much weight you want to lose seems quite straightforward. That is, until you try to do it. It’s usually recommended that you write down your goals, but if you have every tried to do this you will know how uncomfortable it makes you feel. That’s probably because your analytical, critical, conscious, right-brained mind doubts you an actually do it.

The same thing happens when visualising successful weight loss. Visualisation of positive results, and you at your ideal weight, is a very helpful process when trying to slim down. Without hypnosis though, your conscious mind might doubt that you could ever achieve what you are visualising, and convince you not to even bother trying.

When the conscious mind has been quietened it doesn’t make judgements about the information coming in and your unconscious mind is much more accepting of it. This are the “hypnotic suggestions” that you may have heard about.

How can hypnosis help you lose weight?

The process of hypnosis makes you feel more relaxed and receptive to suggestion that will help you.

What types of hypnotic suggestion might be helpful when you are trying to lose weight? Here are some examples.

Visualising yourself having achieved your ideal weight will let you see what you are aiming to do. If you can visualise it without dismissing it as unrealistic will provide the motivation for you to get started losing weight, and keep you on track.

Changing your desire for particularly unhelpful foods means you won’t get cravings for them that will get you off-track with your diet plan. Hypnosis enables you to change your thoughts about these foods so you won’t want them, and also make you feel better about healthy foods that will help you lose weight.

Several hypnotists you might know from television are now helping people to lose weight. One of the best known is Paul McKenna, who has published several books to help people with various issues, including weight loss. Two books Paul has written on weight loss are I Can Make You Thin, Freedom From Emotional Eating, and The Hypnotic Gastric Band.

Hypnosis won’t lose the weight for you, and you will still need a proper diet and exercise plan, but it does push the odds in your favour and make it more likely that you will be successful in achieving your weight loss goals.